About Microsearch

Microsearch Corporation was founded in 1996 to provide digital document conversion and management services, including indexing and meta-data generation. At that time, we provided document database search and retrieval services, utilizing CD-ROM technology as the operating medium. (That was around the time that Bill Gates famously said, “No one will ever need more that 256K of memory in a personal computer.)

Now, of course, we use the speed and cost advantages of the Internet to deliver our custom document management and other IT services, and need a lot more than 256 K of memory).  Our specialty has remained, however, creating large and very large databases of both structured and unstructured information.

We are an application service provider for both small and medium-sized organizations. As an application service provider we include all necessary services, hardware, and software to achieve the online database goals of client organizations. Our experience ensures that we design and build applications to meet client needs on budget and on time.

We design and build .net document management solutions that include:

  • document search and retrieval ( for millions of users)
  • document status tracking (for US government agencies)
  • accident reporting (for agencies)
  • grievance tracking (for Unions)
  • management tracking (for Municipalities)
  • membership management systems (for Associations)

Our web-based document search and retrieval technology offers the capability to build full-text, searchable document databases and host them on the web. We convert an organization’s documents, files, images, and other content into fully searchable databases that authenticated users can securely log in and access anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Anywhere, Anytime Access from the Clouds

We specialize in developing internet and windows client/server-based applications hosted in the clouds. Our applications can run in the office, on any computer with an internet connection, or on mobile devices. Our technology enables organizations to streamline workflow and maximize both efficiency and accuracy. In addition, our technology provides maximum security while ensuring that information can be accessed anytime, anywhere with the proper authentication.

Custom Solutions

As professional provider of document and information technology solutions, Microsearch works closely with clients to address their document and information technology needs. Our technical consulting team assists in the planning, design, development, deployment, and ongoing support of technology solutions. Our infrastructure consulting services focuses on installation of local and wide area networks coupled with internet, intranet, electronic messaging and information management solutions.

Microsearch engineers and computer consultants have years of experience.

Skilled Microsearch consultants work with client management to take a “big-picture” approach to the use of technology. They provide strategic advice by working collaboratively with clients to deliver recommendations that advance the client’s strategic goals through sound information technology solutions.

We analyze your company’s needs and goals.

Key components to every successful installation are the analysis and design services that help clients develop industry standards-based architecture and operating plans created to enhance productivity. This technology assessment and planning process helps clients review their existing use of technology with an eye towards achieving their future goals. As a result, clients are able to make informed strategic decisions geared toward improving the return they receive from their investment in technology.

We Are Here to Help

Contact us and let us know about your document and database requirements – we will surprise and delight you with our ability to solve problems, and our low-cost of service.

For more information, or to arrange for an online product demos, email Chuck or call him at 781-231-9994 or 800-895-0212 Ext. 22 today.


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