Microsearch has been in business since 1996, and in the years since then has assembled a long list of satisfied clients in a wide range of business and government sectors. Our clients use Microsearch’s primary services to help them affordably meet their organizational goals.

Teacher Associations

Some of the most highly successful Teacher Associations in American use a Microsearch Site for online electronic document search and retrieval service.  They know they assist their employees with fast, efficient document access. NEA and AFT, as well as over 30 state teacher associations are clients of Microsearch.

Teachers that teach most of America’s children are member of teacher associations that are Microsearch clients. Microsearch client teacher associations teach over 70% of America’s children.

Microsearch has been working with teacher association clients for over a decade, helping increase information efficiency and usefulness. Microsearch increases document efficiency by converting information traditionally available only in paper format, such as Contracts and Arbitration Results, into fully searchable electronic documents

Microsearch provides a complete solution for creating a minimum for Teacher Association contracts. Starting with boxes of paper documents or downloaded existing electronic files from the Teacher Association, Microsearch will produce within weeks a complete, searchable web site that contains all Teacher Association documents, now searchable and downloadable in a new electronic format.


Efficiency, Efficiency

In today’s financially challenging times, International Unions, like leading organizations everywhere, are trying to save money. They must adopt cost-saving, performance enhancing operations to better serve their constituent Local Unions. At the same time, Local Unions remain spread around the country to better serve their members, making Regional and International administration more difficult and expensive, and potentially out-of-sync with local needs. Locals and Regional offices want faster and better access to information, better performance, and communications and collaboration cost-saving enhancements. “Do more with less” is heard more often.

Microsearch can help!

Microsearch provides an extensive range of low-cost, cloud-based document management services for Professional Unions. Microsearch’s cloud-based services include custom designed Microsearch Site services for Unions. A Microsearch Site contains searchable digital versions of the Union’s important documents, allowing instant browser-based access to all authenticated Union members, regardless of physical location.

Microsearch Site for Union Contracts
A Microsearch Site for Union Contracts is a customized electronic archive of the digital versions of all Union contracts. The Digital Library allows members across the country to access information that helps negotiate their own contract during the next review period.

Microsearch Site for Arbitration Decisions
A Microsearch Site for Union Arbitration Agreements is a customized electronic archive of the digital versions of all past Union Arbitration Agreements. The Arbitrations Microsearch Site allows Union members across the country access to information that can help win Arbitrations during the Grievance Arbitration hearing.

Union Grievance Records Archive
A Microsearch Site of Union Grievance Records is a customized electronic archive of the digital versions of all past Union Grievance Records. The Union Grievance Records Site provides Union members across the country access to information that can help win Grievance Arbitrations during the Grievance Arbitration hearing. More…

Union Grievance Tracking System

A Microsearch Grievance Tracking System helps Union officials keep track of the status of outstanding Grievances as they proceed step by step through the formal Grievance process. The Grievance Tracking system issues email alerts to Union officials to warn of scheduled changes in status, as well as retaining in electronic form all documents related to the specific Grievance process. Sophisticated password and username combination insure that sensitive Grievance information remains in the hands of officials with the need to know.

View our online demo site, or email Chuck, or call 781-231-9994/800-895-0212 Ext. 22 for more information.


Microsearch provides services for content owners that can create a revenue stream by selling secure access to end users of client-owned documents. From receiving owner content on paper, to delivering revenue automatically into client bank accounts, Microsearch can provide the very best in Publisher-owned Content Sales Services by creating a Microsearch Site for Publisher-owned content.


Document Access

Research Associations and other owners of original document content who wish to provide the best possible online access to their content can take advantages of a Microsearch Site for fast, easy and secure website access to their content. A Microsearch Site can be the perfect solution for providing either public or secured access for authenticated users on the Internet.

Microsearch Site Publishing Advantages

Content Publishers who use a Microsearch Site to provide secure access to their content receive a number of advantages to paper publishing, as well as advantages relative to other forms of electronic publishing:

Going Green: Using a Microsearch Site doesn’t require cutting down trees.  A Microsearch Site uses recyclable electrons.

Low Cost: A Microsearch Site is low-cost relative to any other electronic option, and extremely low-cost relative to a physical publishing alternative.

High Performance: A Microsearch Site uses an extremely fast, accurate search engine, with multiple features that professional researchers love:

  • Full-text Search
  • Meta-data Search
  • Date-range Search
  • Proximity Search
  • Numerical Search

In addition, complex, nested search expressions including any or every search method simultaneously provide the capability to drill down to exactly the right document in the Microsearch Site.

Microsearch offers an array of services to prepare the Microsearch Site for user access. Microsearch support services include:

  • Information packaging – documents and metadata
  • Digitizing paper-based documents, conversion of existing electronic documents
  • Associating meta-data with electronic documents
  • Indexing document and meta-data information
  • Designing an appropriate web page to contain the search form, establish new accounts, assign account permissions, collect credit card information
  • Hosting databases online
  • Maintaining subscription-based account

For example, if your organization owned rights to 10 significant document databases useful for researchers, and you wanted to give access to those who paid you directly or indirectly through us for a subscription, our services could include:

  • Creating the searchable databases
  • Providing an online subscription fulfillment selector (which the client would use to select databases to access from the 10 database group)
  • Creating an online payment site for the end-user client to pay for the selected subscription
  • Limiting the IP address where the access right could be exercised for security purposes

Profit Enhancement

Microsearch Sites have helped research organizations save Publishing costs, while increasing Sales Revenue, a proven winning strategy for increasing content Return on Investment.



US Federal Libraries

Microsearch has digitized, indexed, and published into a Microsearch Site multiple special document collections for the TASC Library, the official central Department of Transportation Library. These searchable collections are one of the most highly utilized Department of Transportation online publications, with hundreds of daily visitors.

These online publications include a detailed history of train accidents in America to Highway Accident Prevention strategies. A list of the digitized collections with links to the actual Special Collection Digital Library is available by clicking here.

State Library Services

The Massachusetts State Library (Feingold Library) has a number of important special collections that have been converted to electronic version and are now open to the public.

The Alexander Parris Digital Project
Alexander Parris (1780 – 1852) was one of the most prominent architect-engineers of Massachusetts in the first half of the nineteenth-century. The digital archive holds material pertaining to fifty projects spanning the years 1803 to 1851, from specifications for a Boston Customhouse to drawings of the Edward Preble House in Portland, Maine.
The Library chose Microsearch to digitize this collection and make it available to the public as a Microsearch Site.

Massachusetts Acts and Resolves, 1960 to 1996
Another important collection of books is an annual publication comprising the Acts and Resolutions of the Commonwealth Legislature. The Massachusetts Acts and Resolves State Library collection is a history of Legislative Acts and Resolves passed by the Legislature during the 1960 to 1996.   Microsearch scanned, captured, and converted the electronic version these Acts and Resolves which are now accessible to government researchers who are preparing new legislative Acts and by lawyers interested in knowing the official wording of Acts that may apply to current issues.  This collection is hosted by the state, is open to the Public, and may be viewed by clicking here.

As a public service, Microsearch has created a Digital Library that contains the entire collection of the Massachusetts Acts and Resolves, from 1692 through 2010.  This is the only known complete searchable collection of the Massachusetts Acts and Resolves, where a single search will include the entire 408 years of Acts and Resolves legislative history.  This collection is currently open to the public, and may be viewed by clicking here.

Zimmer Index
Another important collection is the Zimmer Index, a collection of newspaper article reference cards from the 1700s and 1800s. Compiled by librarians at the State Library in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Zimmer Index covers newspaper articles of interest to legislators and citizens of the Commonwealth. This resource indexes newspapers from Boston and the surrounding area from 1878 to 1937.

The Library hired Microsearch to digitize this collection and make it available to the public as a searchable, online collection.  The collection resides as an electronic collection within a Digital Library, and may be viewed by clicking here.

Public Libraries

Microsearch Corporation currently provides digitization and publishing for library special collections. Each Digital Library is full text and meta-data searchable. Archival copies of all image files are provided to the client on portable media as the client requests and new sites are hosted on Microsearch servers. This solution enables Microsearch to provide our clients with a complete paper to web solution with no need to invest in hardware or software. Numerous Digital Library examples are available on the Internet including several for the Boston Library community. Digital Libraries that are currently open to the public include:

Admiral Bates Papers
Acton Memorial Library Special Collection
Boston Athenaeum African Americana – Collaboration Project
Boston Athenaeum Pictorial Sheet Music Covers – Collaboration Project
Jones Library Online Photograph collection
Sturgis Library – Preserving Memory Database

Please email Chuck or call him at 781-231-9994 or 800-895-0212 Ext. 22 for further information about these Library services and projects, or to determine the practicality of digitizing your own library collection.


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