Microsearch Site

Microsearch Site Defined

A Microsearch Site is a web-based collection of indexed client documents and associated metadata. The client Microsearch Site is secure and searchable, and because it utilizes cloud-based technology, its documents are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Microsearch provides 100% of the services a client requires to transform its collection of document into a Microsearch Site.  Microsearch services related to a Microsearch Site include:

  • Obtaining a unique web address
  • Creating the host website
  • Adding Security Features
  • Scanning, converting, and indexing client documents and metadata
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Incorporating a high-powered document search engine
  • Allowing browser-based document retrieval for all devices, wired and wireless.

Cloud Hosting Services

Microsearch hosts each client Microsearch Site in a secure, SAS 70 Type II secure server farm. In addition, Microsearch redundantly backs up each client Microsearch Site at a remote location, so in the unlikely event the server farm cannot be accessed, the backup location can be brought online. Finally, the client Microsearch Site contents are backed-up a third time in Microsearch’s office, in a secure vault, in the event the online Site ever should need to be rebuilt.

Archive and Storage

A Microsearch Site performs double-duty as an off-site Archive and Storage solution for client critical documents:

Search and Retrieval

A client private Microsearch Site incorporates a high performance Search and Retrieval solution, utilizing the newest version of our search engine, Websearch Studio©. Websearch Studio© searches through all the documents and metadata in the Microsearch Site regardless of format: html, text, Adobe PDF, and all Microsoft formats: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Websearch Studio© is also includes a retrieval engine that is flexible enough to allow the user to set preferences to maximize the performance if the hardware/network available.  Different preference settings adjust for different combinations of hardware and network, from wired workstation to mobile device with a slow connection.


Your content is your content. Microsearch provides you with the security you need to protect your most confidential information, documents, reports and correspondence at all times. We take care of everything to ensure that your valuable research content is protected, so you can have peace of mind.

Protection at every level

Microsearch Site incorporates security precautions and procedures designed to safeguard your work from unexpected situations. You’ll never notice most of our security measures-but that’s the way it should be.

At the application level:

Our Site  security is based on password permissions and has been specially designed to help you both protect but still share your information.  Our password administration systems are easy to use, highly secure, and give our clients the comfort of easily managing user permissions.

Stringent password protections provide access to individuals who have been given permission to view information and while keeping out unwanted visitors.

Data encryption is available, up to 128-bits.

Available access reporting service tracks and records user activity, and lets you monitor access through online reports.

At the server farm, all client information is stored in redundant servers housed in enterprise-level, geographically dispersed, secure facilities. Intrusion detection software, continuous virus scanning, and state-of-the-art firewall mechanisms are designed to protect your information at all times. Experienced security experts, engineers and quality assurance specialists continuously monitor our facilities and systems.

Daily Back-ups

Our comprehensive end-to-end security architecture offers robust recovery and restoration functionality in the event of a disaster, including daily back-up of databases at different facilities. Our data centers employ the latest physical security technology, including 24/7/365 video surveillance, proximity card readers and biometric scanners. From personnel security to basic processes and procedures, Microsearch takes a 360 degree approach to security. The details may be small, but we’ve designed them to protect you on every front. Our security measures are proven and have been designed in accordance with industry best practices.


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