Mobile Access

Microsearch has optimized our Microsearch Site search and retrieval engine to be compatible with all major mobile devices. Plus, the mobile device optimization includes search and retrieval for both structured and unstructured databases.

Mobile Device Optimization

Because some of the records to be accessed in an online database are large (some documents can be 1000 pages or longer), Microsearch has developed an innovative approach that makes accessing even extremely long documents easy on a mobile device. The Microsearch approach is to allow the retrieval engine to extract a small number of pages at a time from the document in question, and present those to the mobile device.  Each user can set the device preferences, depending on the speed of the wireless connection, so that the mobile device will request and receive records or documents between one and one hundred at a time.

In addition to setting preference for the number of pages to be downloaded at a time, the user can also set preferences to make the “Hit List” smaller or larger, by including or excluding contextual language surrounding the search phrase.  Keeping or excluding context surrounding the search phrase found within the document, is managed by setting user preferences in the browser of the mobile device. If the choice is to include contextual language (this really makes determining the appropriateness of the “Hit”), the user can even set the number of words in the surrounding context, from 1 to 100 words before and after the “Hit”.

Finally, the user can set a preference for determining how many “Hit” records to show on the “Hit List” that is created from a successful search, as well as how many “Hits” to show in any one document.  Managing these preferences is by input on the mobile device, and the preferences can be set as many times as is necessary for the user to fine-tune over-all preferences to maximize the search experience.

If you would like a demo using your own documents on a mobile device of your own choosing, please let us know.  Email Chuck or call him at either 781-231-9994 or 800-895-0212 Ext.22


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