Search Technology

Microsearch has provided the very best in advanced document search for over a decade.  During this time, we have re-invented our approach and capabilities through constant development.  Now, we have the technology that continues to deliver: fast, precise search, with the ability to retrieve just the right document at just the right time.

Our indexing, search and retrieval engine, used in every Microsearch Site, named Websearch Studio©, combines all the features users have requested over the years, including

  • Mobile Device Optimization
  • Fast General Search
  • Precise Advanced Search
  • Multiple User Preferences settings (Useful for both wired and wireless access)
    • ‘Hit list” size (How may documents containing the search term to list per page)
    • ‘Hits in Context” size (How many words before and after each search term incidence)
    • Number of “Hits” to show for each document on the “Hit list”
    • “Hit list” ordering (documents sorted as they are in the Table of Contents, or sorted by relevance)
  • Sticky Notes capability (The user can write a sticky note on any  opened document, save the note attached to that opened document, with a flag appearing indicating the existence of a sticky note whenever the documents is opened again.  The note can be private, public, or available to any group of authenticated users.

Mobile Device Optimization

Websearch Studio© has been optimized for use with mobile devices.  The optimization features allow the user to control the amount of information to be downloaded after a search using a mobile device.

  • ‘Hit list” size (Mobile device recommendations would be five documents to be shown on the hit list)
  •  ‘Hits in Context” size (Mobile device recommendations would be zero to five words to be shown for each “Hit” in the document)
  • Number of “Hits” to show for each document on the “Hit list” (Mobile device recommendations would be 2 “Hits” to be shown on any document in the ”Hit list”)

These optimization recommendations make accessing documents via the search function, or the Table of Contents, quick and convenient on mobile devices.


Fast General Search

Websearch Studio© provides the user with the option of using a single dialogue box to search all fields: full text and metadata fields simultaneously across every document in the document database.  Especially useful for smaller document databases, the General Search function is very similar to the most popular internet web page search engines.

Precise Advanced Search

Websearch Studio© achieves precise search capability by integrating metadata search filters to work simultaneously with full-text search capabilities.  Under this option, users enter search filters in the Metadata fields (such as author name, year, etc.) while entering the search term in the text search box.  The search is performed nearly instantaneously across up to 250 fields, and millions of documents.

Ordered Hit List

When the user conducts a search with Websearch Studio©, the results are shown in one of two orders: by the order in which the documents appear in the Table of Contents, or in order of relevance (the document with the most hits being considered the most relevant document.  The user can select the order by utilizing the appropriate User Preference.  For instance, when searching for news items in a newspaper database, the user might prefer the hits to be ordered by date of the newspaper, probably the way the newspaper are listed in the Table of Contents.

Sticky Notes

Websearch Studio© allows users to write and attach sticky-notes to opened documents in the document database.  For instance, after reading an opened document, the user might want to attach a sticky-note summarizing the important information in the document.  This note would then be able to be opened the next time the user came to this document. Users can make this sticky-note private, public, or available to anyone who is authenticate in a group chosen by the user.


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