Microsearch provides a wide range of information services, including:

Digitization Services

Document Scanning

Microsearch starts by scanning client paper documents or converting client electronic documents into a searchable format. Microsearch’s Digitization Center is set up to handle small or large volumes of paper-based documents as well as flatbed scanner projects. Our Digitization Center utilizes state-of-the-art high-volume scanners as well as low volume flatbed scanners.


Microsearch provides electronic document conversion services for documents that are already in electronic format. For instance, if the client documents are in PDF format, word format, or any other digital format Microsearch will convert these electronic files into a more useful format for Web access.

OCR Processing

Microsearch uses industry-approved tools for optical care character recognition. Depending on the type of paper condition, size etc. we will use the appropriate OCR engine to extract text from each page image. This OCR data becomes the searchable text related to each document in the Microsearch Site.  Microsearch sells its OCR service as a stand-alone service as well as a component of its Microsearch site service.


Additionally, meta-data, or information about client documents such as Union contract Expiration Date, Local, and Type is associated with each contract and aids in making advanced searches possible. Microsearch utilizes client supplied metadata to incorporate in the digital library associated with the appropriate documents. Microsearch also is able to analyze individual documents and create metadata related to that document for inclusion in the private digital library to aid in successful searching.


Next, we index those documents and put them into an easy to access Table of Contents with a structure that suits your purposes. Once indexed, the content of your documents is fully searchable. Microsearch utilizes its proprietary indexing software tool called Websearch Studio G3 that combines indexing, hosting, searching, and retrieval functions.

Website Creation Services

A Microsearch Site is hosted online in a secure Web site created to protect the client’s information. Each digital library website is password-protected and, if desired by the client, is fully encrypted to protect the information. The website created by Microsearch is designed in the style approved by the client so that the site may be associated with the client’s main website and to appear to be part of that main site.

Hosting Services

Microsearch provides fully redundant host of client private Sites. Primary hosting is provided through a SAS 70 compliant server farm, with full client database backup provided from Microsearch’s secure backup site.

System Development Services

Microsearch provides system development services for clients who wish to track scheduled events. Microsearch utilizes Microsoft’s .Net platform for development of online real-time tracking systems.

Microsearch tracking systems are utilized by diverse clients. For instance, the FAA utilizes a Microsearch tracking system to track the progress of special request correspondence from citizens and officials. Unions use Microsearch to track the progress of grievances as they make their way through the grievance resolution process.

Network Management Services

Microsearch provides network management services to a limited number of clients. We provide network integration conversion the wireless e-mail management and server co-location services for client network resources.

Microsearch Digitization Center

The Microsearch Digitization Center can create digital versions of all paper-based contracts; it will also convert existing electronic versions of documents into appropriate formats for inclusion in the site. Then, with information provided by client Teacher Associations, we associate identifying information (meta-data)to the original electronic document. Meta-data or information about Teacher Association documents such as Expiration Date, Municipality, and Type is associated with each contract, and provides searchable information to enable advanced search capabilities in the site, making it easier to find just the right contract with the sought after information.

Index Services

After digitizing the documents, Microsearch indexes those new electronic documents and associated meta-data, identifying the page location of every single word in the documents and meta-data.  Microsearch then puts the new electronic documents and meta-data into a database with an easy-to-use Table of Contents.  The Table of Contents lists in nested folders every document in the Archive and Access site. Once indexed, the content of Teacher Association documents is fully searchable, with both a General Search and an Advanced Search interface available in the Document Search and retrieval website.

Finally, Microsearch creates and hosts online the Teacher Association Microsearch Site that provides document search and retrieval, and is customized in look and feel to match the Teacher Association main website.

Search is Free

Microsearch does not charge Teacher Association clients for user search or download services. Every document search and retrieval website provides unlimited, free searching, and free, unlimited downloading of documents to authenticated users.

Authenticating Users

Every client Teacher Association receives as part of the Microsearch Site an online utility through which it adds or deletes authenticated users. Teacher association administrators are able to grant the authenticating username and password combinations online directly from the utility provided by Microsearch.


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