Welcome to Microsearch Corporation

Microsearch is an IT application service provider.  We specialize in developing and hosting custom web-based   tracking systems, and providing sophisticated document search and retrieval services.  Since 2002, Microsearch has provided anywhere, anytime cloud-based information access and processing services.

Document Search

When many of our clients discuss finding a needed document search, they talk about microsearching their hosted document database. The word Microsearch became a verb after our clients found out how quickly and accurately they could find the document they needed from the Microsearch electronic document database site. With Microsearch’s precise search capability, incorporating full-text as well as metadata search, our clients know they will be able quickly to find the one document they need by microsearching it.

Tracking Systems

We build and host online tracking systems that help our clients manage important organizational tasks.  Our tracking systems:

  • help government agencies keep track of the progress of special correspondence requests,
  • help unions keep track of the progress of grievance applications as they move through the multi-step resolution process, and
  • help organizations keep on track by following the progress of organizational objectives.

Our clients include:

  • Research Organizations
  • Teacher Associations
  •  Unions
  • Public and Private Libraries
  • Government Agencies

Our clients say the nicest things about us.

“NJEA network users rely on Microsearch technology. Best of all, because of the virtually invisible way Microsearch helped NJEA integrate searchable databases within NJEA.org, it is transparent to our users that these databases are remotely hosted. Consistently high performance, outstanding reliability and truly seamless integration with our web site are all reasons why NJEA is actively working to design several additional projects to build in partnership with Microsearch. Microsearch rocks!”

Bruce Ionno, Information Systems Manager
New Jersey Educational Association

“We’ve been working with Microsearch for nearly three years, and have built an extensive suite of contract and arbitration search engines with their help. I believe we now have one of the most sophisticated collective bargaining data support systems in the country, in no small part due to the assistance that we’ve received from Susan and the folks at Microsearch. I cannot recommend them more highly.”

Fritz Fekete, Director of Information Systems and Research
Ohio Education Association

Microsearch simply helps me do my job faster and better. The technology they have implemented for us at the IUEC headquarters has revolutionized the way we get things done, and made it much more streamlined. I save time and everyone is more productive.”

Michele Good, Office Director
International Union of Elevator Constructors


“The Negotiations & Organizational Development Department of the California Teachers Association began working with Microsearch in 2001 with our CTA Contracts web site. During the ensuing years, Susan Kelly has willingly assisted us with changes as our staff and members have used the site as an important and necessary resource. Having easy access, at a password protected site, to collective bargaining agreements, arbitrations, fact findings, recommended bargaining language, and current information on NCLB, has helped us tremendously.”

Assistant Executive Director,
Negotiation & Organizational Development
California Teachers Association

You probably haven’t heard of us

But we do have some noteworthy numbers to share.  For instance, nearly 70% of American school children are taught by teachers who indirectly are our clients, as a result to belonging to Associations that are our direct clients for our cloud storage and retrieval services.

And clients find our service costs are a fraction of the cost of doing the work internally. Our expertise combined with our ferocious focus on cost control enables us to provide services vastly less expensive than the cost those same services provided internally. In fact, our clients normally feel that we provide services for approximately 30-40% of their internal service cost estimate.

For more information, email Chuck, call 800-895-0212 Ext. 22, or check out the links on our banner above.